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Play Thru 
Improv For Good

Activate Joy, Confidence and Connection through the Power of Play with Fontana Butterfield

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Fontana Butterfield
Facilitator, Coach, Improvisor, Actor

Why do this?

To build confidence, connection and ease in individuals and teams.

What is this?

Workshops and experiences where we play with purpose, empathy, joy and curiosity

through the lens of improvisation, theater, and mindfulness practice.

How does this happen?

A mix of Improv games, the Science of Play, and Mindfulness Practices, in an Inclusive environment. 

Who is this?

Hello! I am Fontana Butterfield, it is my real name, and I'm passionate about making play accessible. With years of experience in performing, coaching, and studying the Science of Play, I have assisted many teams and individuals in improving communication, overcoming anxiety, igniting creativity and deepening connections by engaging curiosity and following joy.  Let's play!

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